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How to grow a beard 

Create a plan

Before you decide to grow a beard – even if it is short – it is important to know which beard styles compliment your face shape. The general rule of thumb is to allow the beard to soften all limbs and bring everything closer to a central, more oval place. Think of it this way: If you have a longer and longer face, you do not want to intensify the fact with a long and narrow beard. 

Visually this will be the first thing everyone belongs to. Instead, you need to widen your face and plan for fuller sides but trim things under the chin. The opposite can be said for a square and wide face. Softens the jaw with chopped sides and a fuller spot under the chin.

To be patient

The biggest obstacle between you and a good old man is time. The beard you are able to grow may be larger and fuller than you expect, simply because you have never grown it beyond the first month.

Unreserved beard for guys with A + bristles. Luckily for all of us, beard hairs grow thick and hazy, and they fill in those patches after a while. So, keep going. Follow the next tip in these early weeks so that he will look like a defined beard, even in his short stages, and you will soon wake up and realize that you have crossed the threshold.

Shave your face

There is one major difference between allowing a lazy old man to grow and actually taking command of growth and style: the neck and cheek lines. You need to maintain them, as they give the beard its intended shape, even in the first few weeks. Your cheek line will determine your growth style. Rely on your intuition if you need to use a beard shaping tool that helps draw neat lines.

General Design For the beard, there is one easy way to do this: cut an imaginary “U” shape behind the ears and jaws and meet in the middle at this point on your neck. Shave everything below that line. This is your design structure, and you have officially defined your beard as such, and not just “5 days of no shaving”.

Complete your efforts

Unlike the hairs on your head, it is hotly debated whether supplements can help strengthen the hairs on your face. And while they certainly do not produce new hair, it is good to bet that vitamins will help thicken and soften existing hair, in addition to making your beard grow faster. Vitamin B is your best friend in this endeavor, which will also help with beard care.

Cut as it grows

Do you know how to comb your beard with its growth in order to look great and avoid embarrassing situations? As it grows, the beard should also be cut. 

However, it is less about layers and more about design, and it all plays to the desired style and shape. You can not grow everything in equal length; you look like Robin Williams Terry from three decades in Jumanji. Plus, your beard isn’t growing evenly.

Use beard oils and creams.

The shortest step to a soft and itchy beard (and no burn for your significant other) is a conditioner. You can find it in the form of beard oils and creams. Massage each of them into your own pieces – early or fully mature – to keep the bristles soft and healthy. (This also allows for a less painful, reduced friction shave with friction when the time comes.).

Brush it with a comb

People with long beards, this is especially important for you. Brushing the beard at the end of each day will ensure his health and trained ability over time, and also from day today. This helps to disperse the natural oils produced in the skin, which collect differently at the base of the shaft and nourish only the bottom of each hair. 

You want to maximize your profits, enter the whole thing to avoid breaking, jumps, and split ends. (Also, apply nourishing ingredients after showering or cleansing every morning, and this is when your natural oils have been washed off and need to be supplemented.)

Brushing can help shape and sculpt his beard into place, but it’s a little more aggressive and functional as an oil distributor. Instead, rely on a beard comb for any design finish.

Choose a style (try a new style)

You have already learned which beard shapes flatter you inside, but now you need to add some nuance. By choosing an old-style, you can become someone new or refresh a tired routine. One of our favorites is to snipe the bridge between the mustache and chin and thus drop the mustache.

Alternatively, one weight is heavier than the other, with a fuller mustache and a trimming beard (or vice versa). You have a lot of options, and it’s your right as an old breeder to flaunt it.

How to shave a full beard 

In the first month of not shaving, in most men, the old man begins to connect completely without bright patches after a full month of growth. This is average, although, for some, it may take longer.

This is why the beard is a commitment. This growth requires patience and some work. Will address some issues:

· A messy beard on the face and inexplicable looks like you just forgot to shave

· Itching

· Coarse hair that your significant other may not like

· You have to deal with people reacting or staring because you look a little rough around the edges

Once you start growing your beard, there are a few things to consider to keep it healthy:

Wash it regularly. Keep it moist, but do not wash your beard too much. Just like your hair, it does not need to be washed daily, or you risk drying it out. Immediately start applying oil to the beard to keep it soft, prevent excessive itching, and maintain its health.

Growing a beard takes commitment and will eventually grow after the first month has passed; you have two options. Or commit to growing a beard that might land you in a duck lineage or start grooming your beard to make it look sleeker. Grooming can be done from scratch, but the risk of starting too early is that you will not have a chance to see how a beard falls in the natural lines. This can be problematic for some men who misjudge how their beard will grow and then have to grow an area that they have cut or shaved.

If, after the first month, you still notice bright patches or lack of density in certain areas, you may need to give it some extra help. However, there is good news. If you have difficulty growing a full beard easily, chances are you will not have to worry about baldness. Studies have shown that most men who grow a beard easily from an early age are more prone to male pattern baldness than men who have difficulty growing a beard.

How to help your beard grow

So how do you grow a beard that makes it difficult for you? Let’s shatter myths! 

  • Your beard does not grow slowly
  • Your beard actually grows at the same rate as any other man.
  • The patches in the beard are caused by thickness, not length
  • There are two features that make some beards look denser, and others look bulky.
  • A little bit more 
  • If you have lighter hair, it will almost always look thinner than someone with dark hair.
  • Like the hair on your head, facial hair can be thick or thin, and thick facial hair always looks fuller.
  • Fact: You can not make your beard grow faster, but you can make your hair appear or even thicken.


Start trimming after about four weeks. Here are some tricks and tips:

Do not shave the beard – Shaving a beard does not make it grow back or be faster. The only way to grow a royal beard is actually a commitment to let it grow. Get there.

Athletic longevity – Exercise and weight loss increase testosterone and blood flow, which both have a huge impact on facial hair growth. Short but intense workouts will cause testosterone to recover faster and will also prevent it from dropping. Testosterone growth and beard go hand in hand, so head to the gym to see a thicker beard growth.

How to grow a beard fast 

How to grow a beard faster if you grow up

As mentioned, time and patience are two essential things in any person’s old journey. This is why teens struggle, especially when it comes to growing a beard.

When you are 14, 16, or 18, patience is the only thing you always lack. All you want is for his beard to grow faster, or if possible, immediately. However, this is not how things happen. The rate of beard growth is different for each man, just as everyone harms adolescence at different times.

During adolescence, some teens may notice a number of facial hairs growing on their faces. Then they will start asking questions about how to make their beard grow faster. However, your beard will start to grow bigger when you are between 18-20. And then, again, this does not happen to everyone.

You may be blooming late and will have to wait for your beard to grow faster and thicken for a few more years. In the meantime, you need to grow what you have now. Maybe you have facial hair on your chin or just a mustache without a beard. And that’s okay.

As you get older, you can grow a goat or shape your mustache. The key here is to work with what you currently have by cutting and shaving the growing or unhappy areas. 

It is normal to want to grow your beard faster as you grow older, although it is important to remember how things work. However, there are no magic tricks that can grow our beard thicker and faster at a young age. There is no such thing even when you are an adult.

No matter what the age, the critical component in growing a beard is always patience and proper care in the meantime. Do not despair if your beard does not grow as fast as you want; just follow some of these simple steps on how to grow a beard faster and stay committed to the process.

Step 1: Treat your body

The reason why it is so important to take care of the body is that the condition of your facial hair is directly related to the health of the body. Start eating other foods rich in protein like beans, eggs, and fish. Stress is a killer when it comes to hair growth, leading to hair loss in many men.

Reduce stress in your life by exercising more and getting a full night’s sleep every night. Exercise will improve blood circulation in the body, which will help promote facial hair growth.

Use a peeling bottle or facial scrub once a week to remove dead cells on the face. This will help stimulate new hair growth. Try to keep a spot on every day to keep your face as clean as possible; rinse with warm water and mild soap at least every morning and evening. Clean facial skin encourages tiny hairs to grow.

Keep in mind that nothing beats rounded and healthy eating habits. The foods listed below are guaranteed to promote rapid hair growth.

Foods that will help you grow a beard

· Proteins: poultry (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks), eggs, fish, red meat, beans, yogurt, milk, cheese.

· Nuts and seeds: Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, flax seeds.

· Fruits: apples, oranges, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, papayas, lemons, lemons, kiwis, pomegranates, avocados, pineapples.

· Vegetables: Cabbage, lettuce, collars, spinach, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts.

Step 2: Commitment to the process

One of the reasons many men struggle to grow a beard quickly is they often give up right at the point where it is progressing.

When you try to grow this beard quickly, there will come a time when the skin will itch to the point where you scratch your beard day and night. This discomfort is usually when someone who is not serious about growing a beard simply shaves it immediately. For the beard to grow inward, you need to be willing to allow at least four weeks for the hairs to grow.

Observe the first hundred days of beard growth time :

· During these four weeks, you go through many periods of uncontrollable itching.

· If you avoid this temptation to shave it when the itching becomes unbearable, you will reach a point where the hairs will soften, and the itching will subside.

· Once the facial hair softens, the growth will be less irritating.

Step 3: Minerals and vitamins

Minerals and vitamins

In addition to eating better, you can help your beard grow faster by supplementing your diet with the minerals and vitamins that are right for you.

Talk to your doctor about taking at least 2 mg of vitamin B every day. We recommend High-intensity vitamin B by sports research; this supplement is available on our website and will help increase both your nail growth and your facial hair.

Start incorporating more vegetables and fruits in your diet; they are rich in minerals and vitamins that your hair needs to grow faster. Without proper nutrients in your body, you begin to slow down hair production.

Examine increasing your daily intake of vitamin B6, beta-carotene, vitamin C, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, and nettle (we suggest taking a quality multivitamin – one multivitamin for men). In your effort to grow his beard faster, do not overdo it with these supplements. Talk to your doctor and explain to them who you are taking so they can work with you to create a rounded and safe supplement routine.

Step 4: Leave the beard alone

During the first month of trying to grow your beard, you will find that it looks like a wild forest growing on your face. This is when you intend to want to trim it and start shaping it so that it looks cleaner. For best results, we offer a tool for shaping a beard by shape.

As difficult as it may be in these first few weeks, you must resist the urge to perform any hair care. Do not trim, shape, or cut any beard hair. As hard as it should be, the beard will grow faster if you can leave it alone. Once you reach the 4-6 week mark, you can start shaping and cleaning the area as much as you want. Forget about the story of the old women about pruning their hair makes it thicker and darker and faster.

Currently, there is zero scientific evidence to support these claims. The hair is going to be straight for the first few weeks; you have to wait for that moment for it to soften, and then you can clean it however you want.

Step 5: Drink more water

Not only your body but also your beard needs enough water to grow fast and completely. Although it sounds obvious, most men neglect it and do not drink properly.

Water, along with minerals, vitamins, and protein-rich foods, is essential for your beard to grow faster. Insufficient water, on the other hand, will cause your beard to grow at a slower rate. This happens because you do not drink as much water as your body needs, the amount of blood flowing to your face will decrease as well, and your beard will not grow fast.

Drink more water –  without the right amount of water each day, the cells will not regenerate as fast as they need to because they will not get the nutrients needed to do so. The result is a coarser, drier beard that can not grow as fast as you want. Scientists claim that an older man should drink to grow his beard faster.

Step 6: Stop smoking

Although science has not fully discovered all the effects that cigarette smoking has on beard growth, there are several conclusions so far. It turns out that smoking affects the beard just as much as aging. Only a few cigarettes a day that fails to normal blood flow to the hair root.

In this way, facial hair cells do not get enough blood needed for healthy growth, and the result is a beard that grows slowly or not at all. By feeling that you have consumed enough food, even if you have not done so, smoking will prevent you from taking the vitamins and minerals found in food, which you need to grow your beard faster. And so it’s not enough; smoking regularly can cause your beard to turn gray prematurely. Combine this with your beard not growing fast enough, and think twice before smoking another cigarette if you want your beard to grow faster.

Step 7: Moisturize and cleanse your beard.

Keeping your skin and beard clean and moist will not only make your beard look fuller over time, but it will also grow faster. Beard oil produced with natural ingredients will ensure that your beard is not dry or irritated. A dry and brittle beard is likely to break. What’s more, you can experience split ends, which in most cases results in a beard injury. However, with so many beard oils nowadays, you may find yourself confused when you make the right choice. After all, not everyone is of the same quality.

We recommend only the highest quality oil that can be obtained on our website. Some studies show that products with eucalyptus can help grow a beard faster than others.

Step 8: Treat the beard shampoo and conditioner 

Beard care by shampoo and conditioner go hand in hand. The best way to combine them is to first rinse your beard with a beard shampoo.

It is best to choose an old shampoo made from tea tree oil because it has been proven that tea tree oil removes the accumulation of dead and oily skin and prevents choking and dandruff facial hair. (Our favorite is a shampoo for growing a beard and thickening a beard). After the shampoo, it was time to apply some good old conditioner. Using the only shampoo can make your beard more brittle, so the conditioner will help your facial hair become softer and healthier and will help your beard grow faster. 

Step 9: Facial and beard skin peeling

Dead cells on your face often limit the growth of a new beard. By scrubbing and rinsing your skin and beard with gentle soap and warm water at least once a week, you will remove these cells and thus help new facial hairs grow faster. Next, apply your beard oil and massage it well into your skin and beard. Massage will improve blood circulation, and it will help your beard grow faster.

Step 10: Stop playing with the old man non-stop.

Ideas are usually born out of a beard caress. But stroking his beard occasionally is one thing, and always grabbing and choosing something completely different. If you are always plucking your beard, you may soon experience your facial hair falling out, causing unnatural growth. Some men do not grasp their beards, but instead, they comb their beards more often than necessary. Usually enough once or twice a day.

Our choice of the comb we have chosen for you on the site. In one of these cases, you are not helping your beard to grow faster. In fact, you are doing the opposite. If you really want your beard to grow faster, leave it alone.

Step 11: Do not fall into myths about common beard care

Shaving Beard is not made your beard grow faster. Here, we said it.

Do not fall into the myths of cultivating a beard.

  • You can not remove your beard completely and, at the same time, expect it to grow faster.

Other myths are often associated with products that promise faster beard growth. Again, it does not exist! There is no pill you can just swallow and grow his beard faster. Most often, products that guarantee immediate beard growth are beard growth oils and beard growth sprays. These two do not work at all! Beard oil does bring many benefits, but growing your beard is not one of them.

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