How is it possible that you will lose weight without exercise?

Anyone who does not like to do sports: The myths most discussed are that losing weight is a combination of proper nutrition and exercise, but it is revealed that being successful in the weight loss process without exercise Is also possible. Dr. Nirmala Shaky details the most common myths about fitness and diet.

Exercise is considered an integral part of the weight loss process, although it is important to emphasize clearly that it is definitely possible to lose weight even without exercise. But if you are already exercising, what is the most effective when dieting?

Let’s start with the fact that exercise is a health obligation. It balances heart disease, diabetes, cancer, insulin resistance, hormones in the body, contributes to a good mood, helps with muscle and weight loss, and leads life indefinitely.

But if we are trying to lose weight, and do not really like to exercise, then it is possible and in any case, it is not worth giving up diet.

Here are 5 myths about the relationship between exercise and weight:

1. Exercise to lose weight

Not true

Many people do not like doing activities, or work hard and are unable to devote time to activities. And if this fact would cause them not to start the diet, perhaps thinking that dieting makes no sense if you don’t do sports – you should know that it’s a mistake.

How does the calculation work?

Suppose a woman burns 1,700 calories a day so as not to go up or down. If there are 1,000 or 1,200 calories in its diet menu, it means that the body has to break 500 to 700 calories from its fat tissue every day to meet its energy deficit.

Saving 500-700 calories per day, that’s a lot. To burn 700 calories in exercise, you need to run more than an hour every day or run for two hours every day, or work very hard in the gym every day. In other words, the more important calorie savings are from diet and not from exercise.

In an hour walk you burn 300 calories, and if you do it 3 times a week you lose one hundred and twenty grams of fat, like what you lose in a day of a strict diet.

2. Adding activity to the diet is more important than weight

Not true

Exercise is important even for people who are over 10 kg. But in this case also there should not be punishment of activity. Because once you do something you don’t like, wait for the first excuse to stop it. Lack of time, early darkness, family events, fatigue. Need time for “ourselves” and now don’t remember to do something we just don’t connect.

In any case, I always suggest starting a balanced diet without activity, and with gradual reduction, add it when you feel lighter and able to do the activity.

3. Aerobic activity is better during weight loss

Not necessary

Aerobic activity burns heart rate, muscle oxygen consumption and energy. The activity of electricity also increases the consumption of energy in the body, and furthermore contributes more to increasing the muscles in the body. The more muscle there is – the more energy and fat the body burns. Therefore, strengthening the leg muscles, for example, may help reduce abdominal circumference by increasing overall metabolism.

4. To burn more calories, it is better to walk for an hour than running for half an hour

Not true

There is a theory that burns calories through body weight and walking or walking. 1 calorie per kilogram. For example a woman who weighs 60 kg will burn 60 calories for every km she walks or walks, slowly or fast. In a 5 km run in half an hour, you will burn 300 calories in half an hour, and in a 5 km walk in an entire hour, you will burn the same calories twice.

According to another theory, it is better not to increase the pulse to burn fat. However, walking slowly and reaching a low heart rate allows the body to burn more fat than fast fat, where the heart rate is higher and the muscles use carbohydrates for energy. In the case of running fast, exercising is less because you get tired faster, and in the end the amount of calories burned is the same.

It should be kept in mind that if you put in a lot of effort, the body burns extra calories after the activity, the so-called “recovery”. It is almost non-existent when there is not much effort, for example in walking. The more calories you burn during your workouts and during your workouts, the more calories you burn.

To improve fitness, people who do not exercise, it is better to start slow and improve slowly, and then – in terms of total calorie burn (including time after activity), less time. It is better to run fast.

5. Electrical activity causes weight gain while dieting

Not necessary

Strength activity can contribute to increasing muscle mass and weight gain in the body, if the activity is done correctly and if one eats sufficient amounts of protein and energy. Muscle building is more important in men due to the effect of testosterone on muscle building.

But, when dieting for weight loss, strength training with a diet that contains careful amounts of protein and calories can cause changes in body composition – that is, a decrease in fat mass, & an increase in muscle mass. This fact will not cause weight gain, although it may slow down the rate of weight loss.

The good news is that the more muscles there are in the body – the body burns more energy even when resting, even when it is not sitting and walking and even at bedtime. When you burn more calories per day, you lose weight faster. In other words, weight gain due to muscle mass is temporary (unless of course you try to increase body mass more) and helps in increasing calories and better weight loss over time.

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