Officially Announced: This is OnePlus’s first smartwatch.

20 minutes of charging and you have a full week of use, but there are also some issues with the new One Plus watch

Officially Announced: This is OnePlus One’s first smartwatch.

Along with the OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9, OnePlus has finally announced its first smartwatch, the OnePlus Watch. Contrary to expectations, the new device will not come with Google’s Wear OS, which means it may be quite limited in its range of apps – similar to quite a bit of the competition.

Did you fall asleep in front of the TV? The clock will turn it off.

The OnePlus Watch comes with a 1.39-inch round AMOLED screen and an impressive 326PPI pixel density. The company has designed more than 50 Watch Faces to choose from, and the device comes with 4GB of storage (of which only 2 are available for free use), so you can load about 500 songs on it. If you happen to own a OnePlus TV, you can use the watch as a remote control, and when the watch detects that you are asleep, it will turn off the TV.

The watch is equipped with a 402mAh battery that should be enough, according to One Plus, for a week of use by active users and two weeks for economic users. The OnePlus Watch is also equipped with fast charging technology in the best tradition of the company, and in 20 minutes of charging, you can fully charge the battery.

The watch is equipped with GPS and waterproof to IP68 standard and 5ATM standard (i.e., it will survive a 10-minute dive to a depth of 50 meters), so you can also swim with it and monitor your heart rate, distance, calories, and even SWOLF score (total pool time and a number of paddles you did Pool). In addition, the watch is able to monitor blood oxygen levels.

Forget about external apps, at least for now.

In the bad news segment, some of the major rumors about the OnePlus Watch were refuted when the company announced that the device would come with a dedicated operating system and not with Google’s clean Wear OS. This means you will need to install a separate app for connectivity between your smartphone and your watch, and in the meantime, you can forget about third-party apps. In addition, OnePlus does not currently offer a mobile version, which means you will not be able to leave your smartphone at home and continue to stay truly connected.

The company will also launch a limited edition of the new watch that will come with a cobalt case, the robust metal usually inside the batteries of all of our devices as if there is no problem with this metal.

Officially Announced: This is OnePlus One’s first smartwatch.

The OnePlus Watch will launch in the United States on April 14 for $ 159. Yesterday, Chinese manufacturer Huami also launched the T-Rex Pro watch under the Amazfit brand, which offers 10ATM atmospheric pressure resistance and a more accurate optical pulse sensor. The rest of the specs are quite similar to the previous models and include a 1.3-inch round AMOLED screen (360 × 360 resolution) and physical control buttons.

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