The winter drink that contains the same number of calories as a whole meal

The winter drink that contains the same number of calories as a whole meal

What can you eat instead of an almond croissant and mocha coffee? Almost a full day diet menu. An almond croissant contains more than 600 calories and coffee over 300.

With such a calorie budget, you can arrange a menu that includes a light bread sandwich with cheese for breakfast, fruit as an intermediate snack, a lunch that contains chicken with cooked vegetables and salad, coffee with two waffles or combo in the afternoon, and another dinner that includes light bread toast with yellow cheese, omelet, and salad.

Yes, you saw it well. Some of us think “coffee and pastries” is “on the road” or a nice snack. So this is, no. The pastries contain quite a few calories.

The danger of the drinks

But the greater danger lies in drinks, which seem innocent but contain no fewer calories than pastries. But where do all these calories come from? Mostly from milk.

For example, in mocha coffee without added sugar and whipped cream, there are 14 grams of fat, which is like three teaspoons of butter in the glass. In coffee with melted chocolate and whipped cream, 28 grams of fat in one cup, like eating six teaspoons of butter. In such glass are also hidden six teaspoons of sugar. The fact that this is a slightly confusing drink, it’s more like dessert.

So what should you be most careful about? Here are some examples:

Milk Shake

A small cup will contain two scoops of ice cream, milk, and a little sugar. Such a dish contains more than 600 calories.

What can be eaten instead? A plate of pasta in a cream sauce and a glass of wine.

Marshmallow chocolate

500 calories per cup.

What can be eaten instead? 5 sandwiches from 10 slices of light bread with cheese or pastrami, and vegetables.

Invert coffee with cocoa and whipped cream

400 calories in a drink cup.

What can be eaten instead? A meal contains chicken breast, a cup of rice, cauliflower in the oven, salad, and soup.

Chai latte

Four hundred calories in a drink cup. Real, this is tea, but milk adds most of the calories.

What can you eat instead? 2 triangles of thin dough pizza.

Hot orchid

380 calories.

What can you eat instead? 3 creme brulee and another apple.

Chocolate cookies

370 calories. Why drink cookies if you can eat them?

What’s in place? 7 Oreo cookies, along with Ness Coffee.

A glass of juice will dissipate.

Unbelievable, but the big glass (500 ml) has 200 calories, which come from the sugar in oranges and carrots.

What can you eat instead? 2 light bread sandwiches with cheese and vegetables.

Make a large sugar-free

160 calories.

What can you eat instead? Egg and salad, light sandwich and tangerine, combo, and an oreo cookie.

It is essential to know that milk-based drinks provide the body with a large amount of quality protein: 8-10 grams per cup (as there is a half cup of cheese or two dairy delicacies). Also, they contain a large amount of calcium (about 200-300 mg of calcium in a glass, almost a quarter of the recommended daily calcium intake for adults).

So what do you do if you want to sit in a cafe and save calories?

You can ask for a water-based inverted coffee with a little frothed milk, or if you like, then, of course, Americano does not contain any calories at all.

If you like sweetness, instead of sugar, you can use sweeteners. Among the artificial sweeteners, some are harmful to health, and there are others that are considered preferable. The type of material the product is made of is explicitly listed on the recipe they will give you at the coffee shop, and it is essential to check.

The currently recommended ingredient is sucrose, which is made from sugar and chlorine and is so sweet that you can use small amounts to save calories. It is present in tablets, powders, bags, and liquid and drops, and to this day, it has not been proven to have any adverse side effects.

More recommended sweeteners based on the stevia plant, which are natural, some people will say that the taste is not always suitable for coffee, but for tea, it can certainly suit. Less recommended are products based on saccharin and cyclamate, which are considered very harmful to health.

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